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Select the style that appeals to you the most! (Don't worry, most of us are a mixture of different styles, We'll ask you to pick an additional one later in this survey).

Boho Rocker

Flowy skirts, edgy t-shirts, bell bottoms with loose blouses. This style is all about the 70s aesthetic with a bit of rock n' roll.


Oversized athleisure wear and bold colors are all qualities that fit perfectly into a city lifestyle. Whether you're in a big or small city you appreciate standing out.

Goth | Pastel Goth

Pastel or all black, or both, you enjoy a bold dark look that encompasses power, beauty, and spunk. You're ready to kick ass and look pretty while doing it.

Classic Casual

You live a no fuss no drama life that suits you fine! You're always on the go so you need quality, classic pieces that can intermix with everything you do. Megan Markle is an example of a classic look.

Intellectual Chic

Snuggly sweaters, pencil skirts, and bookish layers are a part of this intellectual look. Image what belle would look like from Beauty and the Beast if she were a real person. Smart, yet feminine pieces like pleated skirts, tailored pants, and peter pan collars.

Indie | Grunge

You're a little bit grungy but put together in a 60s aesthetic sort of way. You love high waisted pants, band t-shirts and colorful ensembles that can be worn with sneakers.


You crave standing out in a sea of grey. You beat to the rhythm of your own drum. Think of the beautiful Yoko Ono or gorgeous Erykah Badu.

Modern Sophisticate

You're a boss and need to look on point for meetings, evening get-togethers, and events. Look polished and professional with this category selection.


You don't fit into any of these styles overall. Select this option and we can follow up with an email to get a few pictures of your style so we can make sure we get it right.


You like elegant shapes and simple clean lines. You enjoy monochromatic looks and feminine flares. You're subtle with style but with a classic twist. This is a fun play on a classic but modern look.


You're not afraid of mixing new styles into your wardrobe and experimenting with new trends. Think the queen of trendsetting, Tracee Ross, as an inspiration. You need a little spark in your closet and have a fun sense of quirkiness that is serious at the same time. You're a gal on the go that needs a pick me up in style.

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