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Select your specific style. It may not encompass your entire vibe, but select the photo that best represents your style. We'll follow up with everyone to get style specifics before your first box ships.

Rocker / Grunge

Oversized vintage t-shirts, band t-shirts, baggy jeans or high-waisted straight jeans, light-weight cardigans, flannels, and sneaks.

$59.95 - $299.95


Maxi wraps, crop tops, high-waisted distressed denim, oversized overalls, and floral dresses.

$59.95 - $299.95


Pops of color, pattern, and interesting textures. Sophistication, comfort and smart lines.

$59.95 - $299.95


Boxy silhouettes, neutral tones, easy-breezy! Versatile and classic.

$59.95 - $299.95

Cottagecore (Summer Style Exclusive)

Peasant tops, dramatic sleeves, and delicate details. Princess dresses and victorian looks!

$59.95 - $299.95

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