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How many pieces would you like to receive?

We offer two and four-piece options in our monthly thrift boxes. The price listed includes two or four pieces., so nothing additional is charged, not even shipping. Free shipping now until January 2022!

2 - Pieces / $49.95

The price of the box includes the number of pieces you decide to receive. For this selection, you'll receive two pieces in the form of a bottom and top, or bottom and sweater, or dress. You'll also receive one vintage piece in this box. FREE SHIPPING on all boxes for the 2021 Holiday!

$49.95 - $479.95

4 - Pieces / $79.95

This box includes four carefully curated pieces. Every box is put together based on style, color, and versatility. This one may come with two blouses and two bottoms or two blouses a dress and a wrap or accessory. Two vintage pieces come in this selection. FREE SHIPPING on all boxes for the 2021 Holiday!

$79.95 - $849.95

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